Ikea Style Mug PSD Mockup

in Home, PSD Mockup on April 9, 2019


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Mug? Or Ikea style Mug? What would you prefer? No, Ikea is not our sponsor but we like to be objective. Is there something cooler than a mug PSD Mockup, that Ikea style Mug PSD Mockup! This sweet artwork made with love! Also, we use some software too! But it’s too hard to wrap a mug body in Adobe Photoshop!

You are free to create anything with this Mockup! The main body allows you to use with an image or any solid color! You don’t like in color? No worries, it’s editable too! Very easy to customize for your brand!

We know you like it! So why so serious? Drop me a comment below and we’ll understand you love Pandas! (Who doesn’t?)

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